Themes and Topics

Authors are invited to submit original contributions (written in English) to the conference. Only original papers not published or submitted for publication elsewhere can be submitted. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Theme: "Building resilience in Education in the time of New Normal"


a) Early Childhood Education Research

  1. Language, Literacies and Communication in Early Childhood
  2. Child Development in Context
  3. Curriculum and Pedagogy in Early Childhood
  4. Arts and Sciences in Early Childhood
  5. Inclusive Education in Early Childhood
  6. Nilai-Nilai Pancasila
  7. Educational Games as a Learning Method

b) Primary Education Research (PGSD)

  1. Nilai-Nilai Pancasila
  2. Virtual learning
  3. Educational Games as a Learning Method

c) Guidance and Counseling Research (BK)

  1. Assessment, testing and program evaluation on counselling
  2. Multicultural, peace and social wellbeing
  3. Technology and media in counselling
  4. Mental Health in Education

d) Leadership and Management Research (MP)

  1. Role of Administration & Management
  2. Management of Educational Institutions
  3. E-Management of Schools
  4. Learning Management Systems
  5. Managed Learning Environments (MLEs)

e) Non-formal Education Research (PLS)

  1. Life-Long Learning
  2. Vocational Training
  3. Informal Learning
  4. Adult Education
  5. Andragogy

f) Psychology

  1. School Well-being
  2. Bullying and treatment
  3. Positive psychology and teaching methods
  4. Behavior modification
  5. Stress and coping
  6. Quality of worklife
  7. Indigenous and cultural psychology